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WondaWedge inflatable back support

  • This inflatable pillow with permanently attached mat, is perfect for the beach, picnics, outdoor concerts, or reading and recuperating in bed.  Lightweight for travel, stores in a small space, users set their own comfort level.  Get one today!
  • The WondaWedge inflatable back support offers three different angles: sitting up, reclining and lying down.
  • It is lightweight, space-saving, easy to carry and easy to use.
  • The high-quality sueded vinyl material is waterproof and comfortable even in the heat.

Product weight: 1.3 lbs.


  • Individually packaged, folded flat 8x10x1 plastic bag with hang tab
  • Material: .20mm pvc/ flocked pvc approx. .40-.45mm, RF welded seams


  • Mat 17 x 31.5 Mat is permanently attached
  • Pillow 17 wide x 20 high x 12 wide at side bottom

Available Colors (View Colors Below):

  • Warm Gray
  • Royal Blue
  • Lime Green
  • Citrus Orange
  • Lemon Yellow
  • Think Pink

Very Versatile:

  • The WondaWedge is ideal for kids, from adolescent through college-age.
  • The lightweight WondaWedge is a triangular wedge pillow with a permanently attached mat. Crafted of sueded vinyl, its hand-washable, comes in a rainbow of colors and fills a myriad of needs. Its the ONLY multi-position lounger that lets users determine their own level of comfort. Three different sitting/reclining positions are available for maximum enjoyment.
  • Younger children enjoy using the WondaWedge on the family-room floor for watching movies or gaming. Parents like the WondaWedge because it encourages proper posture while sitting. Teens love to lounge on the floor and the WondaWedge is good for the back what more could a parent want? (Its also easily identifiable underneath that pile of clothes.)
  • College students love the WondaWedge for dorm rooms. Texas college student Esther K., claims It reduces the strain on my back and neck when studying in bed, and I also use it for getting some sun on campus when the weathers nice! I store it partially deflated under my bed, which is great - its not bulky like a lot of other lounge pillows. Its also great for watching television in the common room when there are not enough seats to go around.
  • The WondaWedge also is easy to carry to outdoor events and concerts. Why not be comfortable at the Wednesday Night Poetry Slam, Jazz Fest, or while studying outdoor on the Quad? Works just as well on the sidelines of a soccer or volleyball game. Travels easily take one to the beach for Spring Break!


"I needed the WW when traveling, I dont do well in hotel beds but a wedge allows me to relax in bed, reading, and perhaps get more sleep that way." -

"We are hoping to go to Italy in the fall, and I know their beds are not good for me. Thanks for offering a product that I think will be the answer to my sleeping problems. " -

"I LOVE the Wondawedges! I was looking for something that would keep my head above water while on the tanning shelf in my pool. The tanning shelf is an area in my pool that's very shallow...they're very popular here in the desert...the Wondawedge is THE PERFECT solution for that! (See that? Being a marketing guy, I just came up with a great new way for you to market the product!) I'll be sure to recommend it to all my friends with pools here in sunny southern California . Thanks again for being so accommodating...your product is terrific!" - Tony

"I used the wondawedge during my pregnancy. It was a gift from one of my friends. She thought it would be useful while I was on bed rest. I would use it to elevate my feet or to provide back support while I watched t.v. It made my bed rest time easier on me. I would say that it is the best gift for an expecting mother. Most of the time, you just receive gifts for the baby, but a gift for the mother is something unexpected. Now, the whole family uses it while we watch t.v. from bed." - Jessica

" LOVE it! My husband & son both have one. I take it every year to Blues on the Green ( a monthly free music fest in Austin each summer) and a ton of people ask me about it. And ACL (Austin City Limits Music Festival) has areas where no chairs are allowed. But this passes the mustard. Its great to set up there and relax the 30 minutes before the headliners are on to guarantee a good spot! And Im taking it with me to the beach this weekend. I may have to get a new one to match my swimsuit. Well, okay, that sounds to blonde but " - Debora W.

"As a frequent WW user -since 2006 -I have found this device EXTREMELY helpful for my back problem. I have a lower back problem with one of my spinal discs and this device has enabled me to at least be able to sit with more comfort, as it supports the area that is damaged. Keep up the good work. I can recommend this to anyone out there! " - Regis

"Just a quick note to thank you guys for helping my back FINALLY I have a way of relaxing and reading a book (on my stomach) without the pain in my back when I sit and try to read. My physiotherapist has recommended this to me and Im glad I can now have something portable to take anywhere. Cheers! Keep it up! Fraser " - Fraser R, UK.

"We just happened to be enjoying our WondaWedges in Cabo San Lucas when several people approached us to inquire about them and we gladly promoted them!" - Sharon J.

"Many thanks for an excellent product. They made for a very comfortable holiday!" - David M.

"I am writing to tell you how I liked the WondaWedges I purchased. They are lightweight, compact, durable, comfortable. The sand from the beach wiped right off and they did not blow away from the breeze on the beach, great product!!! Please send business cards so we may give them to the many people on the beach that asked where we purchased them." - Mike and Sherri, Cincinnati, Ohio

"Due to lower back pain, I cannot sit unsupported for long periods of time, even using yoga cushions. The WondaWedge supports my lower back, and allows me to comfortably meditate without the distraction of back pain. - Dan Wood

"I love to read in bed, he says, but my chiropractor cautioned me not to use bed pillows to prop myself up. Using the WondaWedge, I find that my back and neck no longer ache after reading in bed. - Paxton Williams

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